Why Facilitation?

Facilitation is a “process” skillset used by leaders to direct, organize and align groups of people during strategy sessions, stakeholder consultations, project planning, and debriefs.

The most accomplished facilitators have the training and expertise to create and lead a facilitation experience—a customized and highly personalized process designed to engage a specific gathering of people—so they can have better conversations and achieve better outcomes, faster.

The value of hiring Sheffe Consulting Inc. is the calibre of experience that it brings as an in-demand professional firm with a proven track record, repeat clients and ongoing word-of-mouth referrals.

For over 20 years, Sheffe Consulting Inc. has successfully motivated and mobilized groups of leaders around the world to understand their common objectives, plan how to achieve them, and advance toward tangible, high-performance results.

Choosing the
RIGHT Facilitator

Facilitation doesn’t need to be sector-specific. Effective facilitators share a keen awareness, the ability to “read the room,” and a nimbleness to customize every step in the facilitation process. This includes the agility to adapt the process mid-stream during facilitation, if that’s where the group’s energy is flowing.

These and other process skills enable professional firms like Sheffe Consulting Inc. to transcend “content” by focusing, rallying and connecting the voices and thoughts of the subject matter experts in attendance. 

Contact us at Sheffe Consulting Inc. to learn how we can adapt our facilitation skills and proven virtual meeting methodologies for your sector or industry.

Who Hires Professional Facilitators?

  • International and national not-for-profit organizations
  • Civil society organizations (CSOs)
  • International and national charitable foundations and philanthropy organizations
  • Globally and nationally ranked universities
  • International, national, provincial, and territorial sport and multi-sport organizations
  • Federal, provincial and municipal governments
  • Global and national corporations
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