Webinars and Learning Opportunities

In April and May 2020, we offered 3 introductory webinars focused on improving your virtual meetings through zoom. We were pleased to have over 190 participants attend the sessions. Based on the participants evaluations, we’ve identified topics for more advanced webinars. 

The next two webinars will be limited to just 45 participants and will include a blend of presentation, hands-on practice and time to ask questions. They are:

Break Out Rooms

  1. The Mechanics – what a host needs to know – choices for the set up + functionality
  2. Facilitation Suggestions – designing effective break out rooms including the timing, explaining the task and recording the discussion
  3. Tips and Hacks – Tricks to make it easier to assign groups and options for reporting back
Thank you for joining us.
June 12th – 12:00–1:00PM (EST)
For previous attendees and clients
June 19th Webinar is full!
June 19th – 12:00–1:00PM (EST)
Everyone welcome

Virtual Collaboration Tools

  1. Selecting and setting up a collaboration tool 
  2. Using 3 tools: lino canvases, jamboards and google docs
  3. Tips and Hacks – Tricks to save time and make the use of the tools feel seamless and effective
July 10th – 12:00–1:00PM (EST)
For previous attendees and clients
July 17th – 12:00–1:00PM (EST)
Everyone welcome


May 22, 2020 – 12:00–1:00 pm EST

In light of current events, many organizations are transitioning to online meetings. The purpose of this session is to help you improve on-line meetings by learning how to navigate Zoom and its various capabilities. This will include planning and process considerations, in meeting tips, and real time documentation. This also may be helpful for other virtual meeting platforms.

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