The “art” of process faciliatation is that it is a carefully designed experience—one that motivates and mobilizes every person in your group, generates fresh ideas, unearths innovative solutions, and achieves outcomes better and faster than you thought possible.


The role of professional facilitation is to design and guide processes and discussions—so that the subject matter experts and leaders in your group can collaborate and make better decisions faster.

In 2020, Sheffe Consulting Inc. began offering virtual facilitation, including webinars and learning labs to help clients adapt to online facilitation platforms and virtual collaboration tools.

Strategic and

Strategic and Operational Planning


Are you an organization wanting well or better-defined strategic roles and plans?

Sheffe Consulting Inc. designs and facilitates interactive and engaging strategic planning processes that include:

  • environmental scanning
  • stakeholder consultations
  • prioritization exercises

In addition to working with organizations to articulate strategic priorities, we help staff and volunteers operationalize quarterly or annual plans to increase clarity of tasks and accountability.

We’ll make the strategic and operational planning process easier, no matter where you are located, using online facilitation platforms and virtual collaborative tools.

and Debriefs

Retreats, Workshops, Conferences, and Debriefs



Process Facilitation Gives Direction and Gets Results

Are you a leader ready to tackle some big issues with your senior team, board of directors or management?

Leveraging virtual platforms and collaboration tools, Sheffe Consulting Inc. facilitates leadership teams and organizations of all sizes to understand, evaluate or advance:

  • strategies and governance
  • research and best practices
  • resolution of issues
  • priorities and next steps
  • lessons learned and debriefs

We are mindful of “video conferencing fatigue” and will recommend a strategy and approach, such as a series of shorter, focused sessions, that will keep you and your team engaged and productive.

We are also experienced at:

  • collecting input via surveys, interviews and focus groups
  • reviewing and analyzing data and research
  • facilitating meetings to examine results
  • identifying plans for changes, interventions and greater engagement

We have facilitated highly interactive, engaging and results-driven virtual retreats, workshops, conferences, and debriefs in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, the United States and Canada. 

Annual General Meetings

Annual General Meetings


Prefer to focus on presenting and engaging with attendees at your next AGM, rather than worrying about video conferencing logistics and management?

Sheffe Consulting Inc. can make the planning and moderating process effortless for you. Our team has the training, expertise and proven virtual methods to streamline:

  • meeting prep, virtual platform, logistics
  • a rehearsal (dry run), guidance, customizable templates (script, agenda, visual aids)
  • meeting moderation, such as registration, quorum, how-to tips and reminders for attendees
  • virtual platform moderation, such as vote tracking (via a voting platform or less formal options), polling, screen sharing, presenting a slide deck or video

Our clients include businesses, national and provincial associations, non-profits, and charities.

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